CollDet Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
col::BoxFillerHelpers for Boxtree::Boxtree
BoxtreeImplements the old axis-aligned boxtree with improvements
col::BoxtreePrecompContains all things that can be precomputed before a traversal of Boxtree's
col::CallbackThis is a functor for collision callbacks
ColConvexHullConvex hull wrapper for qhull and collision detection of convex hulls
col::CollisionPipelineThis implements the whole collision detection pipeline, from front-end over broad-phase(s) to narrow-phase
col::ColObjOne collidable object
col::ColPairPairs of ColPObjs's
col::ColPipelineDataStruct to store some things which are used in Collision Detection Pipeline
col::compElemByCenterCompare two elemntary boxes by the center point along one axis
col::compElemByMinCompare two elemntary boxes by the center point along one axis
col::DataHolds results from collision detection and client data
col::DopA DOP is represented by NumOri (=k) many plane offsets
col::DopNodeDOP node of the DOP hierarchy
col::DopTransformAffine transformation for DOP re-alignment
DopTreeDOP-tree collision check algorithm
col::ElemBoxElementary box, enclosing one polygon, for Boxtree
col::ElemDopElementary DOP enclosing one polygon
col::FibRandLagged Fibonacci random sequence
GridGrid for collision detection
GridCellCells of the grid
GridObjObjects in a grid
col::lessByAngleCompare points by angle
col::MatrixThe collision interest matrix
col::MatrixCellA single cell of the collision interest matrix
col::NanoTimerTimer with nanoseconds resolution
RequestCollision detection request like "add" or "remove" an object/callback
col::RequestEach request from the application is encapsulated by an instance of this class
col::sBFSome state across different invocations of addFace()
col::SyncFunThis is a functor for synchronization with other threads
col::TopoFaceA face is a sorted array of indices into some vertrex array
col::TopologyZur Beschreibung von Inzidenz- und Adjazenz-Relationen
VisDebugFunctions for "visual debugging"
col::XBoxtreeWill be raised by BoxTree
col::XColBugWill be raised by collision detection module, if a bug occurs somewhere in the code
col::XCollisionExceptions for Collision detection module
col::XDopTreeWill be raised by DopTree
XQueueExceptions for Queue

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