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Each request from the application is encapsulated by an instance of this class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Request (RequestE req, Callback *callback)
 Create a "two objects request".
 Request (RequestE req, osg::NodePtr node)
void operator= (const Request &source)
void process (bool show_hulls, AlgoE algo, Matrix *colmatrix, std::vector< ColObj > *colobjs, std::vector< Callback * > cycle_callbacks, bool useHulls, Grid *grid)
 Process a request to the collision detection module.
const char * getName (void) const

Public Attributes

RequestE req
osg::GeometryPtr geom
osg::NodePtr node

Static Public Attributes

static const char * Names []

Detailed Description

Each request from the application is encapsulated by an instance of this class.

In order for the CollisionPipeline to be able to run in parallel to the main ailpcation, requests (such as "register an object") must be queued. This class aides that.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Request::Request ( RequestE  inreq,
Callback incallback 

Create a "two objects request".

inreq the request (ADD_OBJECT,ACTIVATE_OBJECT)
incallback a collision callback
callback should be valid.
The constructor does not check if the objects in callback have already been registered with the collision detection module.
XCollision If the type of request is not a two object request.
XCollision If callback seems to be improperly constructed.

Member Function Documentation

void Request::process ( bool  show_hulls,
AlgoE  algo,
Matrix collmatrix,
std::vector< ColObj > *  colobjs,
std::vector< Callback * >  cycle_callbacks,
bool  useHulls,
Grid *  grid 

Process a request to the collision detection module.

This function probably runs in a different thread than the constructor!
  • Some types not yet implementated.
  • process()const machen, wenn OSG erlaubt
  • show_hulls anders (z.B. als define) implementieren

Member Data Documentation

const char * Request::Names [static]

Initial value:

    "Add object",
    "Add callback",
    "Remove callback",
    "Activate object",
    "Deactivate object",
    "Add cycle callback"

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