CollDet File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
ColBoxtree.h [code]
ColConvexHull.cppConvex hull wrapper for qhull and collision detection of convex hulls
ColConvexHull.h [code]
ColDefs.h [code]Definitions, macros, includes, etc., needed for multi-platform compilation
ColDopTree.h [code]
ColExceptions.cppExceptions which the collision detection module might throw
ColExceptions.h [code]
ColGrid.cpp3D grid of moving boxes
ColGrid.h [code]
ColGridCell.cppCells of the grid
ColGridCell.h [code]
ColGridObj.cppImplementation of grid objects
ColGridObj.h [code]
ColIntersect.cppFunctions for polygon intersection testing; entry point is intersectPolygons
ColIntersect.h [code]
Collision.cppThe collision detection API
Collision.h [code]
ColObj.cppInfrastructure for implementing the collision detection pipeline
ColObj.h [code]
ColPipelineData.h [code]
ColQueue.h [code]
ColRequest.h [code]
ColTopology.h [code]
ColUtils.cppUtility functions for the CollDet library. Some of them are (hopefully) temporary only, untilthey become available in OpenSG
ColUtils.h [code]
ColVisDebug.h [code]
lulgs.h [code]
nrutil.h [code]

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