col::MatrixCell Class Reference

A single cell of the collision interest matrix. More...

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Public Member Functions

 MatrixCell (const ColObj *colobj1, const ColObj *colobj2)
void addCallback (Callback *callback)
 Add a collision callback.
void callCallbacks (void) const
 Process all callbacks.
bool check (bool use_hulls)
 Check a pair for collision (internal).

Protected Attributes

vector< Callback * > m_callback
 positive collision callbacks
ColObj const *const m_colobj1
 the two collision objects of this cell
ColObj const *const m_colobj2
LevelOfDetectionE m_level
 the maximum level of detection of all callbacks of this cell
SepPlane m_sep_plane
 the seprating plane of the convex hulls ColObj::hull
Data m_data
 Collision data for collision callback and internal usage.
bool m_allpolygons

Detailed Description

A single cell of the collision interest matrix.

Each cell contains a list of Callback's, and other pairwise data (like separating plane).

Each cell also contains a "level of collision". The minimum level is LEVEL_BOX. When a cell checks the pair of objects for collision, the maximum level of all callbacks is used for that check.

XCollision If one of the nodes does not have a geometry.
Flag all_poygons auswerten.
Gabriel Zachmann
When different algorithms will be available, a cell will be the place to store the kind of algo appropriate for a certain pair of objects.

Member Function Documentation

void col::MatrixCell::addCallback ( Callback cb  ) 

Add a collision callback.

XColBug If m_callback->m_node1/2 doesn't match cell.m_colobj1/2->m_node.
XCollision If one of the objects pointers in the callback is a NullNode.

void col::MatrixCell::callCallbacks ( void   )  const

Process all callbacks.

m_data is valid.

bool col::MatrixCell::check ( bool  use_hulls  ) 

Check a pair for collision (internal).

use_hulls do a convex hull pre-check
Depending on the levels of detection of each callback, the max level needed is done. For instance, if all callbacks have level LEVEL_HULL or less, then only the convex hull check is done.

The check is based on the positions of the objects stored in ColObj::m_curr_matr .
Only one of the instance variables m_doptree and m_boxtree should be set! It will call the check() function of the one which is set. And both ColObj's in a cell should have the same instance variables set, and the other unset!
See also:
  • Check whether or not only a bbox check is wanted. This would be a flag stored with each Callback, and a counter stored with the MatrixCell.
  • Matrix-Inversion in ColObj::hasMoved() machen.
  • Nochmal ueberpruefen, warum die berechnete Matrix m12 so stimmt; eigtl. haette ich jetzt doch eine umgekehrte Multiplikation erwartet.
  • use_hulls in jeder MatrixCell speichern. Dann braucht man nicht das Flag global fuer alle MatrixCell's in Collision.cpp sich zu merken.

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