col::ElemDop Struct Reference

Elementary DOP enclosing one polygon. More...

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static unsigned int sortindex
bool operator< (const ElemDop &other) const
 Comparison operators.
bool operator> (const ElemDop &other) const
bool operator<= (const ElemDop &other) const
bool operator>= (const ElemDop &other) const
void operator= (const ElemDop &other)
static void setSortIndex (unsigned int index)

Public Attributes

Dop d
const osg::MFPnt3f * points
unsigned int pgon [MaxNVertices]
unsigned int nvertices
osg::GeometryPtr geo
unsigned int index
Pnt3f center
Dop cc

Detailed Description

Elementary DOP enclosing one polygon.

This is only needed for the construction process

Gabriel Zachmann
Sorting an array/vector of ElemDop's is not thread-safe, because the sortindex is a class variable!

Member Function Documentation

bool col::ElemDop::operator< ( const ElemDop other  )  const

Comparison operators.

Text for return value.
Needed for sorting a vector of ElemDop's.

The DOPs should have been blown up a little already; no epsilon threshold is included in the comparison.

Sort mit ordentlichem BinaryPredicate machen! (dann ist das auch thread-safe)
See also:

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int col::ElemDop::sortindex [static]


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