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Compare points by angle. More...

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Public Member Functions

 lessByAngle (int xValue, int yValue, vector< Pnt3f > &pointVector)
bool operator() (int i1, int i2) const

Public Attributes

int x
 points will be projected onto that plane
int y
vector< Pnt3f > & point
 the points themselves; the () expects to get 2 indices into this array

Detailed Description

Compare points by angle.

True if point[i1] < point[i2] compared by angle, flse otherwise.
Two points are connected with a "center" by a line each, then the angle between those two lines and the x axis are computed, and those are compared. This functor is meant as a Binary Predicate for sort().

Angles are in [0,360). No trigonometric function are evaluated, and if the two points are in different quadrants, then only comparisons are made, i.e. / quadrant(p1) < quadrant(p2), p1,p2 in different qu's p1 < p2 <=> | \ p1_y/p1_x < p2_y/p2_x , p1,p2 in same quadrant

x, y, and point,npoints are set.
The functor could return -1/0/+1 for less-than/euqal/greater-than. The original of this function is opyCompPointsByAngle in Y.

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