FB3 intern

Internal information about "Fachbereich 3" can be found here (before that please log in to "Internal" at the top of

New employees and student assistants

New employees and student assistants please contact Sabine Dolhs. She has information on how to set up the printers (only via LAN), directories of the working group, mailing lists, calendar, website, etc.


Here are some information BEFORE(!) you Apply for a University Account.


Here you can apply for a transponder for our building.

Terms of use for the MultiVR lab (and Hygiene rules) / Website creation / Gitlab

Here you can download general information about creating projects and theses in our MultiVR lab.

Use of devices

Here you can download the form for loan equipment.


  • You can download the form No. 34 here.
  • Fill out the form with all signatures and send it to urlaub at
  • After about 1 week you will receive the approval from the university administration with an overview of your vacation days.
  • You can create an automatic mail reply during your vacation in the ZfN online tools and webmailer.
  • Please enter your vacation in the "CGVR-Urlaub" calendar.
  • Sick note

  • Mail to krank at, zach at and tanjar at if you are sick.
  • When you are healthy again: mail to gesund at
  • It is allowed to start the requested vacation directly after a sick.
  • Here you can see when you have to send a "Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung" from your doctor to the university. Note the exact regulations under pandemic conditions.
    Universität Bremen
    z.Hd. Cornelia Schröder / FB3
    Bibliothekstraße 5
    28359 Bremen

    Business trips

  • Here you can find some information about busines trips (forms and guidelines).
  • Here you can find the form Gefährdungsbeurteilung: "Auslandstätigkeiten".
  • Refund of privately purchased goods ("Auslagenerstattung")

    The following is required to apply for an "Auslagenerstattung":

  • Receipt or invoice with proof of transfer/credit card statement (black out other amounts).
  • Completed and signed "Auslagenerstattung" form.
  • Completed and signed "Kontierungsvorbinder" form (with the note "Auslagenerstattung" at the top) by the secretary's office.
  • Account/Fond from which it is to be reimbursed (are there project funds?).
  • The procurement has to be entered into SAP by the secretary's office. For this the receipt or the invoice is needed.
  • Receipt/invoice/bank transfer/credit card statement, form "Auslagenerstattung" and if necessary the order form will be sent to the releaser of the corresponding account in paper form by internal mail. After approx. 2 weeks the reimbursement should be paid back.
    Detailed information can be found here.