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Infrastructure for implementing the collision detection pipeline. More...

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namespace  col

Detailed Description

Infrastructure for implementing the collision detection pipeline.

Classes for storing various (possibly intermediate) information about objects and collisions.

For each object that is registered with the collision detection module a ColObj is created. This instance holds a pointer to the geometry plus various flags and auxiliary data like the convex hull, connectivity data structures, Boxtree, Doptree, etc.

Two ColObj's make a ColPair. Lists of such ColPair's are passed down the collision detection pipeline thereby filtering these lists.

For an extensive explanation of the collision detection pipeline, please see my dissertation at .

A word about exceptions: I have used exceptions, in particular in constructors. However, the application programmer should not need to catch exceptions, because all of them are caught by the API (at least that's the idea). One reason for this was that the app. programmer won't see any exceptions anyway, if the collision detection module runs in its own thread (I think).
Gabriel Zachmann

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