Bug List

Member col::ColObj::updateBBox (void)
Funktioniert noch nicht, da OSG einen Bug hat.

Class DopTree

Member col::ElemBox::operator== (const ElemBox &other) const
Does not work if the polygons are the same but the start index is different!

Class col::FibRand
The range has not really been checked/verified.

Class Grid
The Grid class and friends are probably not multi-thread-safe, i.e., several threads asking the same grid for a list of intersecting boxes will get different (wrong) answers. (This is because of the cycle counters.)

Member col::Matrix::addObj (ColObj *obj)
Bekannte Bugs dieser Funktion

Member col::Matrix::callCallbacks (const ColPair &pair) const
Bekannte Bugs dieser Funktion

Member col::Topology::createFromGeom (const osg::GeometryPtr geom, bool unify=false, float tolerance=NearZero)
Es kommen immer 0 faces raus! hat FaceIterator einen Bug?!

File ColIntersect.cpp
Cannot handle degenerate polygons (line or point)!

Member col::pseudo_random (void)
Not multithread-safe.

Member col::discretizeOri (osg::Quaternion q, unsigned int r)
I think, that if two rotations yield the same index, then they represent "close" rotations - but I haven't checked yet. (Note that the reverse statement is not true.)

Member col::sleep (unsigned int microseconds)
On most platforms (Windows, Linux, single-CPU SGI), this function will sleep at least 10 millliseconds! (On Linux, usleep and nanosleep don't work as advertised, as of RedHat 7.2)

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