Coral reefs are slowly dying

For an overview on the situation, German national TV channel "ZDF" covered the topic with an informative one-minute-report on their website (german).

With "VR CoralReef" we want to create and raise awareness for the disastrous destruction of our coral reefs. In order to do so, the eponymous master's project of the University of Bremen obtained the task to create a realisistic, immersive, interactive and complex 3D simulation of a coral reef based on one in Zanzibar. The simulation uses scientific data and visualizes it in realtime, also being able to react to individually adjustable parameters during runtime. The user is for example able to raise water temperature and watch the virtual reef bleach slowly. Using a Head Mounted Display (HDI) one can "dive" into a unique Virtual Reality environment and move freely in order to explore a handmade endangered coral reef. A similar scientifically backed VR-simulation does, as far as we know, not yet exist. Previous models were focused on partial images or aggregated display, leaving behind even simple interactions, spatial representation, without AI being solely focused on visual sensation. Being a virtual laboratory for reef processes in order to extrapolate and test developments and measures is a prospective use of the VR-CoralReef and its exceptional and unique characteristics.

The "SICCOM" Manager from the ZMT delivers raw data on birth, growth and decease of corals and algea, which are also fighting each other for dominance within the reef. The "VR CoralReef" takes this data directly and visualizes it as realistically as possible.

We worked with the Virtual Reality equipment HTC Vive.