Conference Presentation Judo

Length: 30 minutes


I gave this talk at YAPC in St. Louis in 2002. It's about how to give a successful three-hour conference tutorial.

If you look around for advice on public speaking, you'll find that most of it says the same things: face the audience, speak clearly, don't put too much text on a slide. My talk is about tricks you won't hear elsewhere.

The talk is accompanied by detailed notes. You should not read the notes before the slides. You should read the notes concurrently with the slides, or afterwards.

Special offer: If you're going to be giving a technical presentation on programming or some other computer-related topic with which I'm familiar, I'll be glad to look at your slides beforehand and make suggestions. Send me email.

Complete Slides

  1. Conference Presentation Judo
  2. Conference Presentations
  3. Conference Presentations
  4. The Biggest Mistake You Can Make
  5. The Second Biggest Mistake You Can Make
  6. The Biggest Mistake You Can Make
  7. The Single Biggest Mistake You Can Make
  8. On Content
  9. On Content
  10. On Content
  11. On Content
  12. The Big Content Mistake
  13. Introduction to XML -> What is XML?
  14. The Long Introduction
  15. The Long Introduction
  16. The Long Introduction
  17. A Bit of Advice
  18. Get to the Point
  19. Get to the Point
  20. Illustrations
  21. Illustrations
  22. Illustrations
  23. Illustrations
  24. Illustrations
  25. Speed
  26. Speed
  27. The Guy in the Second Row
  28. The Guy in the Second Row
  29. Questions
  30. Accordion Sections
  31. The Bonus Section
  32. The Bonus Section
  33. Digressions
  34. Evaluations
  35. Evaluations
  36. Jokes
  37. Friendly Faces
  38. Friendly Faces
  39. Small Change
  40. Insults
  41. Proofreading
  42. Biggest Mistake I Ever Made
  43. Thank You

Detailed Notes